About the Program

Each spring, Clean St. John’s launches its Pick It Up For YYT litter clean up campaign, encouraging residents, businesses, schools and community groups to register and organize litter cleanups throughout the city. Registered cleanups receive free garbage bags and prizes, as well as pre-arranged pickup of waste collected at these cleanups events.

Since 1989, over 7000 were registered with Clean St. John’s, resulting in an average of 20 bags of litter collected from grounds in and around St. John’s neighborhoods, businesses, churches, schools, parks, and rivers.

We encourage registered cleanup groups to use the City’s waste collection services such as the bulk and metal pick up, and the hazardous waste drop off at the regional Waste Management Facility. You can find out more about these services here

Are you interested in organizing a clean up?

Get together with your friends, organization or company and make a direct impact on the community we live in. Contact us to organize your own clean up.

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at karen@cleanstjohns.ca or send us a message here.

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