About the Program

The annual Clean St. John’s Read for the Environment event takes place in June during Environment Week celebrations. The Board of Directors and committee members of Clean St. John’s, members of St. John’s City Council, and local celebrities, visit grade school classrooms to engage students about the importance of protecting our environment and youth involvement in environmental stewardship.

Through this initiative, Clean St. John’s advances and supports education efforts to develop an environmentally conscious and responsible youth, and to inspire them to focus on a sustainable future. Environmental education fosters the development of the skills, attitudes and motivations needed to enable each learner to make informed decisions and take responsible actions that incorporate environmental considerations. This is important because solving today’s challenging local and global environmental issues cannot rest only with “experts”, but will require the support and active participation of an informed youth.

Are you interested in teaching the environmental stewards of tomorrow? Contact us for volunteer opportunities.

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at karen@cleanstjohns.ca or send us a message here.

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