About the Program

Why does having a clean school matter to me? If I were the Mayor of St. John’s, I would do what? Where should we be focusing our attention these days?

These questions and more get answered each year at the Clean St. John’s annual Speak Up and Promote Environmental Responsibility (SUPER) Speak-Off competition! 

The SUPER Speak-Off is geared towards engaging Grade Six students from schools throughout the St. John’s and promotes environmental responsibility and gives students an opportunity to compete for prizes, while giving them an opportunity to showcase their public-speaking skills.

The annual event is held in March in the Foran Room at St. John’s City Hall, where family, friends and teachers of the participants are welcome. Participants can choose to speak on various topics, such as:

  • Litter Prevention and City Beautification
  • Ecological Protection and Heritage Preservation
  • Community Development and Youth Leadership
  • Trends in Environmental Science and Technology

Guest judges are recruited for the event each year, and often include local media personalities, sponsors, local politicians and public advocates for environmental responsibility.

Are you interested in having the voices of our youth heard?

Contact us for opportunities to get involved.

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at karen@cleanstjohns.ca or send us a message here.

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